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Northern Arizona Tennis Association Hosts Annual Awards Banquet  (09/24/16)


Left to Right:  Sarah Jane Schott, Sterling Fetty, Cheryl Murrieta, Andrea Meyer, Dawson Turner, Larry Lineberry, Scott Weber, Claudette Laliberte

SEDONA, AZ       The Northern Arizona Tennis Association (NAZ) hosted its 10th annual awards banquet Saturday, September 24th at the Kiwanis Park in Sedona, AZ.  Awards were presented to individuals and organizations in recognition of tennis accomplishments both on and off the court in 2016.

Awards were presented to the following:

Claudette Laliberte, Sedona

Adult Teaching Professional of the Year and Adult Player of the Year:    Laliberte conducts several area benefit tournaments throughout the year, teaches a wide array of students year round and volunteers her time for the Northern Arizona Tennis Association. She competed on three USTA adult league teams in 2016 posting a winning record with several different partners.


Andrea Meyer, Cottonwood

High School Coach of the Year:  Meyer is the longtime girl’s tennis coach of Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood, AZ. The team posted a 9-5 team record this year and had a record number of players participate on the varsity and junior varsity teams.


Dawson Turner, Prescott 

Male High School Player of the YearTurner played #1 on the Prescott High School Boys tennis team as a sophomore posting a winning record and reached the third round of the Arizona State individual singles championships. He is also the #1 player on the Southwest Section Junior Team Tennis 18 and under Intermediate level championship team which will compete in that national championship to be played in October in Charleston, SC.


Sara Jane Schott, Prescott

Female High School Player of the YearSchott played #1 on the Prescott High School Girls tennis team in 2016 posting a winning record and is the #1 girl’s player on the 18 & under intermediate Junior Team Tennis (JTT) which will represent the Southwest Section in the national JTT championships in Charleston, SC this October.


Sterling Fetty, Prescott

Junior Development Coach of the YearFetty is the boys and girls coach at Prescott High School leading both teams to a winning record. He also is the coach of the Southwest Section Junior Team Tennis 18 & under intermediate team that will represent the Southwest Section at national competition in October.


Cheryl Murrieta, Prescott

USTA League Captain of the YearMurrieta captained three USTA league teams in 2016 with two of them winning the NAZ district championships representing NAZ in the Southwest Section Championships.


Scott Weber, Flagstaff

Community Volunteer of the YearWeber is a long time NAZ board member, serving at various times as the NAZ Treasurer, NAZ Officials Chairperson, NAZ League Coordinator, NAZ Bookkeeper, NAZ Technical Director, and Flagstaff representative to the NAZ board.  He is a certified USTA and ITA umpire and trainer and manages NAZ technology initiatives.


Poco Diablo Resort, Sedona

Member Organization of the YearPoco Diablo Resort is the site of many USTA league matches year round and host to several charity events in 2016. The resort choses to largely waive its court fees for league matches which helps keep league fees lower and more affordable.                               


Larry Lineberry, Sedona

Lifetime Achievement AwardLineberry is a longtime NAZ board member and has been instrumental in raising funds for junior tennis programming for NAZ. He is a 40 year member of the United States Professional Tennis Association and a Master Professional since 1990. His students have earned over $400,000 in tennis scholarships and his tennis activities has raised over $300,000 for various charities since 1976.

This was a very exciting gathering of individuals at this year’s banquet and a terrific turnout with over 50 persons in attendance” said NAZ president Jan Blackman. “All of these recipients are very deserving of their recognition. NAZ is proud to highlight their achievements and we are all looking forward to a great year of tennis in Northern Arizona in 2017. 

The new 2017 Board of Officers for NAZ was announced at the banquet. The new board officers are: Adam Kaupisch of Flagstaff, president; Jan Blackman of Flagstaff, immediate past president; Larry Lineberry of Sedona, secretary; Jana Perpich of Flagstaff, vice president; Scott Weber of Flagstaff treasurer. NAZ is one of 7 districts in the SWS which is one of 17 sections which make up the USTA.


CONTACT: Larry Lineberry    928-300-5394


Fetty's ATA Juniors Win Section, Advance to Nationals - Join In (08/12/16)


Fetty stated, "Over the years we have learned ways to help others players get involved and made some good connections with other teams around the Southwest Section and we ended up making a team of 4 players from Northern AZ and 4 players from Central AZ in order to continue our goal of making it to the Sectional tournament.  It turned out to be a great combination.  Our first goal was to win locally (which they did), then at sectionals in Tucson and qualify for Nationals which is held in South Carolina."

He continued, "Team ATA showed up in Tucson determined to make it to Nationals in South Carolina.  The first match we won easily 36-26.  In JTT every game counts and each match has 5 matches.  We were also playing short sets to 4 games because of the heat, which meant 40 games was the maximum you could get in an overall match.  The second match for Team ATA was 40-17, against a team from El Paso, TX.  This put us in great position for our final match of the day and hopefully get us into the semi-finals.  We played a 2 time Nationals bound team but this was their first time competing in the 18 and under division.  With our more seasoned players and talented players we pulled out the win 36-26.  That was the 3rd match of the day and put us in 2nd place overall.  This is when the belief came to our team that we could really pull this Nationals bid off.  The next morning we played the 3rd place team.  We came out on fire and won fairly easily for how tough it should have been. The score was 40-17.  We are now in the final!  Now it came down to Team ATA and the defending champions from last year and the team took 5th at Nationals last year." 

"As the match got under way the crowd started to build and the tension was already there.  Most everyone expecting Team ATA to lose but to be happy with 2nd place the best showing a NAZ team had ever posted.  The problem was someone forgot to tell the players because everyone on Team ATA was giving it everything they had.  The first match off was boys doubles which Team ATA lost to an incredible doubles team 4-0, 4-0.  Next up was girls singles which ATA won 4-1, 4-2.  Boys singles and girls doubles come off the courts almost the same time singles ATA won 4-2, 4-3.  Girls dubs ATA won 4-1, 3-4, 1 (in the 3rd set tiebreaker).  As we come into the final mixed doubles match the game score is 24-21 in favor of Team ATA.  We have a 3 game lead.  In the mixed doubles we lose the first set 4-2, which cuts our lead down to 1 game.  At 2-3 in the second set the match is dead even, but worse than that ATA is down 15-40.  Double match point against us and Nationals on the line.  If we lose any of the next 3 points because it is no-ad scoring,  we lose by one game and heartbreak is inevitable.  Somehow at 15-40 Trent ATA's strongest player pulls off an incredible half volley to save the day.  Follows it up with a service winner and they sneak out the duece point for the game.  It's now 3-3 giving ATA a 1 game lead in the overall match.  We play a tiebreaker at 3-3 and the momentum is clearly on Team ATA's side.  It was like destiny took over.  Team ATA wins the tiebreaker and goes up by two games.  There is no way to lose because the 3rd set tiebreaker is only worth 1 game.  Team ATA wins the tiebreaker anyways and is headed to nationals by a 3 game difference. An incredible victory and an incredible weekend for these junior tennis players."

ATA is made up from the following players:  Keldy Mason, Dawson Turner, Alex Hisle, Trent CAllaja, Sarah Jane Schott, Anna Miller, Torye Callaja and Alexa Cooke.

Coach Fetty has his work cut out now in helping the kids raise the $8,000 necessary to make this life-changing trip to Nationals in October and would like to enlist your help in sending them to compete with the top 16 teams in the country by contributing to their "Go Fund Me " page at: gofundme.com/2hkrn9g.

The Prescott Area Tennis Association has pledged $2,000 to help the cause and the  Northern Arizona Tennis Association is paying their entry fee of $60.00 per participant or nearly $500, and the team members are doing fund raisers as well.  Anything you can contribute would be a god-send.

In other local tennis news, remember this is the last couple days to sign up for the fall/winter Yavapai College Tennis Classes held on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning August 22nd.  12 noon to 1 p.m. and 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  30 hours of great instruction at a price you can't beat.  Register at yc.edu.

Also, two up-coming tennis events.  The Men's and Women's Doubles NTRP (One Day) Grand Prix, Sunday - August 21st from 12 noon to 4/5 p.m.  Sign up with an email to choward4541@gmail.com with your name, partner and ability level.

The PATA Labor Day NTRP Tournament (Sept 3-5th) consisting of singles/doubles and mixed events.  Go on-line to sign up at prescotttennis.org.

Chris Howard is a local USPTA Tennis Professional with over 40 years in the racquet and fitness industry.  He can be reached at 928-642-6775 or choward4541@gmail.com.



NAZ Early Start League - 40 and Over 5 Court

The NAZ District will change its league format for the year 2016.  We will continue to offer all leagues available for advancement through USTA National/Section, but the NAZ 2016 40 and Over 5 Court League will run as an Early Start League this Fall (2015).

The NAZ 2016 40 and Over 5 Court League will run as an Early Start League from October 3rd to December 6th, 2015. There will not be an NAZ 40 and Over 5 Court League during the 2016 calendar year.  If you want to participate in this league, you must play in the Early Start League this Fall.

You must play in the Early Start League with an early start rating, which is an early precursor to your normal year end rating. The Early Start Ratings are posted on the USTA Southwest Section Website.

Thank you all for your interest in USTA Leagues.  We hope to have a successful end to our 2015 year and a Great Early Start to our 2016 year!

Jan Blackman
NAZ League Coordinator


NAZ Player Profile:  Kaithlyn Verfuerth


USTA Southwest Member Profile: Kaitlyn Verfuerth (Flagstaff, Arizona)

Kaitlyn_pic2There aren't a lot of people that can say they've represented their country in one sport, much less two, but Flagstaff's Kaitlyn Verfuerth has done just that. As a member of Team USA's wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis teams, Verfuerth has gotten to combine her love of competing and in the process, become something of a world traveler, hitting up six of the seven continents.

Back home in Flagstaff, Verfuerth keeps it a bit more low key, as an assistant high school coach of Flagstaff High, an owner of BTO Yogurt shops, and the mother of two puglet dogs.

We recently caught up with Verfeurth, one of the more decorated volunteers on our USTA Southwest wheelchair committee, to get the lowdown on how she got started playing tennis, her love of basketball, and her experiences as a coach to able-bodied players.  

Check out a recent NAZ Today story on Verfuerth! 


USTASW: When did you get started with tennis, and where and how exactly did you get started?
 I started playing tennis when I was 5 years old. My grandmother was a tennis fanatic and she introduced me to the game. So I technically started playing then. I didn't start playing tennis in a wheelchair until I was about 14.

I wanted to play tennis because it was the only sport a wheelchair player could actually compete with an able bodied player. I really just wanted to be active and play sports with my friends. I started playing on my High School tennis team. Made varsity all four years. I should back up (laughing). I was born and raised in Wisconsin, so that's where it all started, technically.  

My first time ever hitting a tennis ball in a wheelchair I went to a clinic in Milwaukee. I was hurt in a car accident when I was 7 so I didn't get a ton of time playing on my feet but I was starting to really understand how to hit the ball. 


USTASW: What was your first memory of your first time ever playing tennis? 
KV: I have to say with my grandmother. I remember the first thing she taught me. And that was to bounce the ball on my racket up in the air, and dribble the ball with my racket.

I literally remember this moment because she wanted me to just work on bouncing the ball with my racket up in the air while she was playing doubles with her friends.

Kaitlyn_pic1I had seemed to master this task fairly quickly, then she had me bounce the ball on the ground and by the end of that afternoon I was hitting the ball over the net. (mini tennis of course) I instantly fell in love. I wanted to play every single day.

She showed me the wall at our public tennis courts. In summer, I would play on that wall every day. I then decided that I could do this at home as well. On our garage door. Well let's just say that didn't last very long. I was in big trouble a few days later when I had made a bunch of dents. I think you get the point!

My first experience hitting a tennis ball in a wheelchair was much the same as before. That day at the clinic I literally picked up where I had left off as an able-bodied player. By the end of that first (wheelchair) clinic I was hitting balls with the pro. 


USTASW: We’re so glad you’re a part of our Wheelchair Tennis efforts here in the Southwest, and are really proud of what you’ve accomplished already. We’re curious, what do you feel the tennis community needs to understand about wheelchair players and how can they help grow wheelchair tennis play in local areas like Flagstaff? What are some things local areas can do to reach out to wheelchair players and just help them get involved in our sport?

KV: I am truly honored to be working with USTA Southwest Section. I am extremely excited about working to mostly spread awareness. I think it's critical just to get wheelchair tennis out there. And by that I mean playing at local and public courts, going to the schools and doing demos of the sport, visiting rehab hospitals, etc.

I can't tell you how awesome wheelchair tennis is until you actually see it. It's pretty amazing. In November at the USTA meetings down in Phoenix, we played Up-Down tennis with a bunch of the board members. They were simply blown away. 


USTASW: We know you’re also a coach at Flagstaff High for the girls’ team, which is just the coolest thing ever. How have your experiences as a TENNIS PLAYER who’s competed across the globe translated to the girls? Obviously, yours are a little different from theirs, but what type of lessons are you trying to teach them in matches when they’re competing?

Kaitlyn_pic3KV: Thank you! Coaching high school tennis has been a dream come true. One of the biggest things on my (so called bucket list) is to teach someone how to play tennis. And to coach high school tennis has been something I really wanted to do. This is where it all started for me.

I remember my high school days, and high school can be a rough time for some, or, should I say an awkward time.

You're starting to become more and more independent, bumping heads with your parents, wanting to do what you want. So the most important lesson I believe on my court is first and foremost, HAVING FUN!!!!

Flagstaff Girls are 6 and 1 this year so far. Losing only one high school match so far is not too bad.

Teaching the girls that competing is serious, but knowing when to be serious. When I am coaching the girls during matches and maybe someone is not having a good day on the court, well the first thing I do on a changeover to talk is find a way to make them laugh.

Whatever it might be, a joke about me even. Once they start laughing and relax they go back a different player (after a few tactical tips of course) We work hard so on the court it's important to reward ourselves, but relaxing on the court and knowing when it's the right time to be focused is super important.

In my experience, I have learned that after spending a month or two in Europe playing tournaments toward the end you really start getting worn down with tennis. That's the last thing you want! Got to keep it fresh. Taking time away helps.


Kaitlyn_pic4USTASW:  We know you’re also a huge fan of basketball, and actually compete on the US National Wheelchair Team as well as the Phoenix Mercury wheelchair team.  How does the cross-training for a different sport help you with your tennis? 

KV: It makes tennis sooooooo much easier. I am not going to lie, but playing wheelchair basketball is definitely more grueling that tennis.

The sport is just so physical, you're getting pushed around and falling on the floor.

Playing basketball makes playing tennis feel so much easier. It's like a relief to get on the court.


USTASW:  You’ve played on international teams representing the United States. What have those experiences been like? Where have you gotten to go? 
I have had some of the most amazing experiences playing tennis. Some definite highlights in my career are playing in 2 Paralympic Games (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008). I won two gold medals in singles and doubles from the Para-Pan Am games in Rio in 2007.

I have to say there is no greater feeling and words can't even describe what it feels like to represent the United States in a team competition. Every time I get ready for a USA versus anyone match, it's a big difference than just playing in a regular tournament.

There are so many more nervous, goosebumps, butterflies in my belly. These experiences are such a great honor. I am so proud.

I have also played in 3 of the 4 Grand Slams, traveled all over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America. I feel so fortunate and lucky to travel and experience different cultures while doing something I love, playing tennis.


Kaitlyn_pic5USTASW: You played at University of Arizona on their wheelchair tennis team. Obviously, U of A is one of the few schools in the country that even has a wheelchair collegiate program. Is that why you chose to attend?

KV: I chose the University of Arizona because of 3 things...1) the weather, 2) the tennis, and 3) to get a good education.

They might not particularly be in that order, though (laughing)! 


USTASW: Do you have any on-court quirks or rituals you just have to do? 
KV: Having rituals is so important to tennis! YES.....I have to bounce the ball four times before I serve a first serve, two on a second serve.

When I am playing a tournament and on the first day of that tournament if I win I have to do everything EXACTLY the same way the next day and subsequent days after.

Everything from how I wore my hair to what I ate for breakfast or lunch to what I did in my warm up that day, what outfit I wear and so on.


USTASW: What’s one thing someone might not know about you that they’d be surprised to hear? 
KV:  This one is hard because I feel like I am pretty much an open book.

I think the most recent thing I have done that some people were really surprised that I did was my other half and I posed semi nude on a magazine cover! Yikes.


Yannick Schreiber of Sedona Wins Junior Tennis Tournament in Tucson


TUCSON , AZ     Yannick Schreiber (16) of Sedona won the boys 16 and under singles title of the El Conquistador Winter Classic held in Tucson, AZ January 17-19, 2014. Schreiber also reached the finals of the boys 18 and under doubles event in the same tournament.

Schreiber was undefeated in all three singles matches played in a round robin format. He defeated Benjamin Sutton (16) of Oro Valley 6-0; 6-2 in the first round, then Jack George (16) of Oro Valley 6-0; 6-0 and Thomas Schlabach (16) of Tucson 6-3; 5-7; 7-5 to secure the title. The Schlabach match took 4 ½ hours to complete and was the longest match of the entire tournament and easily the longest match of Schreiber’s career.

In the boys 18 and under final, Schreiber and his partner, Carlos Carrizoza (16) of Tucson won two matches before losing in the final to Ryan Knox (17) and Jack George (16) both from Oro Valley, 8-5.

“This is Yannick’s biggest win of his career as he is coming off injuries and was suffering from a bad cold throughout this tournament. He won the 4 ½ hour singles match win over Thomas Schlabach and then played three more matches after that on the same day. He displayed remarkable determination and didn’t allow the circumstances to keep him from winning” said United States Professional Tennis Association Master Professional, Larry Lineberry of Sedona, Schreiber’s coach. “Yannick will be winning many more matches this year”.


Author:  Larry Lineberry 928-300-5394


Tennis Festival was Hit for Community


Prescott, AZ (December 12, 2012) - In honor of past and present military personnel and their families, the Northern Arizona and Prescott Area Tennis Associations hosted a free tennis festival on Veterans Day.

Our free raffle consisted of adult and children tennis racquets and balls, as well as many tennis accessories valued at more than $200.

With the help of local businesses and tennis people, the event was a fun time for all. Thank you to our local tennis friends Sarah Moglewer, who coordinated the event, along with Allison Wood, Chris Howard, Sue Lord, Sara Brown and Edna and Sid Moglewer who assisted with the on-court activities, raffle, snacks, and welcome desk.

Our thanks go out to Trader Joes, Chase Bank-downtown Prescott, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Costco, Gail Gardner Walmart and Method Coffee for providing prizes, snacks, and items for our free raffle. Iron Springs Starbucks donated a gift basket that was raffled and brought in $40 for our tennis scholarship fund. Special thanks to the Northern Arizona Tennis Association and the USTA Southwest Section for donating all the tennis equipment we used and gave away in the free raffle.

We live in a great community of people who willingly volunteer their time in support of others.

Barbara Briseno

(The Daily Courior article)


NAZ Hosts 2012 Annual Awards Banquet

SEDONA, AZ    The Northern Arizona Tennis Association (NAZ) hosted its 8th annual awards banquet Friday at the Vintages Restaurant in Rim Rock, AZ.  Awards were presented to individuals in recognition of tennis accomplishments both on and off the courts.

     A special presentation was made to Jana Perpich of Flagstaff. She was recognized Saturday, October 27th in El Paso, TX as the Southwest Section (SWS) Volunteer of the Year. Perpich has served on over 10 USTA tennis committees the past decade, is a past president of NAZ, and directs a program that provides tennis instruction to over 900 Flagstaff school children year round


Larry Lineberry (left) presents to Jana Perpich (right)

     Goldwasser has tennis clinics operating in most of the Flagstaff Parks and Recreation centers as well as assisting Perpich in the on court implementation of the 10 & under tennis program in Flagstaff.


Jana Perpich (left) presents to Rick Goldwasser (right)

     Meyer has been the girls tennis coach at Mingus Union High school in Cottonwood for the past 12 years and has almost always posted a winning record, coached many students to individual accomplishments in Arizona High School State competition and provided many other opportunities for her team to enhance their scholastic tennis experience.


Larry Lineberry (left) presents to Andrea Meyer (right)

     Finefrock competed in 4 different United States Tennis (USTA) league programs this season, assisted in the organizing of several of those teams and is a recent new board of directors of NAZ.


Jan Blackman (right) presents to Chris Finefrock (left)

     Baker is the director of tennis at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona and posted the best player record on three different USTA teams in which he participated.


Mel Levine (right) presents to Packy Baker (left)

     Schreiber is currently ranked #12 in the SWS boys 12 & under singles and was selected as a member of the SWS zonal team, posting the best singles record of the boys on that team in competition against other teams from across the country.


Larry Lineberry (left) presents to Andrea Schreiber (right)

     Kolody has been a very successful USTA captain of over 30 teams over the years and has been a part of several teams that have advanced to USTA sectional championships.


Jan Blackman (right) presents to John Kolody (left)

     Levine created tennis programs for senior players as a member at Poco Diablo Resort, is spearheading a new Community Tennis Association in Sedona and served as the NAZ treasurer for three years.


Jana Perpich (right) presents to Mel Levine (left)

     The Schreiber Family has all three of their children in USTA tournament competition, is home schooling them so more time can be spent on their tennis development, and all three children make straight A’s in their scholastic work.

Larry Lineberry (left) presents to the Schreiber Family (left to right, Jacqueline, Andre, Yannick, Susanne)

     Bozeat has been a certified USTA official for over 45 years and has served as an umpire (chair, line) in some of the most historic professional tennis matches of the tennis open era, including the first US OPEN in 1968 and 25 other US OPEN tournaments.

2012_NAZ_Awards_-_Richard_and_Doris_Bozeat  Bozeat_Poster_2


Richard Bozeat (right) and wife Doris Bozeat (left)
This was a very exciting gathering of individuals at this year’s banquet" said NAZ president Larry Lineberry. "All of these recipients are very deserving of their recognition. NAZ is proud to highlight their achievements and we are all looking forward to a great year of tennis in Northern Arizona in 2013. 

The new 2013 Board of Directors for NAZ was announced at the banquet. The new members include: Ron Barron of Prescott; Jan Blackman of Flagstaff; Lisa Cook of Prescott; Chris Finefrock of Sedona; Chris Howard of Prescott; Larry Lineberry of Sedona; Liz Murietta of Prescott; Jana Perpich of Flagstaff; Jonathan Pryzbyl of Prescott and Scott Weber of Flagstaff.

NAZ is one of 7 districts in the SWS which is one of 17 sections which make up the USTA.

(2012 NAZ Annual Awards Banquet Program)


Larry Lineberry

Co-President, USTA NAZ District
USPTA Master Professional






2011 Northern Arizona Tennis Association Holds Awards Banquet

Prescott, AZ (November 4, 2011) -- The Northern Arizona Tennis Association (NAZ) held its 7th annual awards banquet Friday, November 4th at the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, AZ.

The banquet is held annually to recognize and celebrate accomplishment by NAZ members on and off the tennis court. Approximately 45 people attended from Sedona, Flagstaff, Cottonwood and Prescott.

Awards were presented to players and volunteers for their accomplishments in 2011.

A rare lifetime achievement award was presented to Eric Bourdon of Prescott for his over 10 years of service to NAZ including being a NAZ president, NAZ League team captain, NAZ league coordinator and awards chairman.


Other awards were presented to the following:

Adult competitive player - Greg Kleiner of Flagstaff;

Female Junior Player - Taylor Johnson, Prescott;


Male Junior Player - Adam Skrocki;


Community Volunteer - Barbara Briseno;


Family of the Year - Bob and Sharon Geil;


High School Player of the Year - Aubrey Danks;


High School Coach of the Year - Miguel Phelps;


Facility of the Year - Prescott Rough Rider Courts.

NAZ service awards were presented to individuals with at least two years of service on the board of directors. Those individuals are: Jana Perpich of Flagstaff, Mel Levine of Sedona, Jan Blackman of Sedona, Brenda Linskey of Flagstaff, Scott Weber of Flagstaff and Larry Lineberry of Sedona.

The NAZ 2012 Executive Board was also elected. The new board is as follows: President, Larry Lineberry; Vice President, Jana Perpich; Secretary, Jan Blackman; Treasurer, Mel Levine. 




PATA to Host Free Community Tennis Fun Day

Prescott, AZ (October 15, 2011) -- The Prescott Area Tennis Association (PATA), USTA Southwest, and local tennis instructors are hosting a FREE COMMUNITY TENNIS FUN DAY for all area children ages 5 - 18 at the Prescott High School courts from 10 AM - 1 PM.  Adults and friends are also welcome to participate as well so bring your tennis shoes!

There will be games and clinics for all ages as well as introductory instruction for those interested in learning our lifelong sport.  Bring your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and a few neighborhood friends - there will be fun, snacks and prizes for everyone.  Juniors will also receive a FREE Junior USTA membership just for participating! No previous tennis experience necessary.  


To register, please contact Barbara at 928-772-2099 or email pataquickstart@prescotttennis.org





USTA Southwest Town Hall Meeting at PRC



Prescott, AZ (October 29, 2011) -- The USTA Southwest Section is holding a Town Hall Meeting Saturday, October 29th beginning at 11:00 AM:  Prescott Racquet Club will be the host of this unprecedented event being sponsored by the USTA Southwest Section in an effort to allow members and non-members alike the opportunity to learn more about what the USTA is doing for our district.


Lindsey Keeper, USTA Southwest Adult Competitive Manager, will be on hand to answer questions, take comments, and talk about the benefits of USTA membership.  There will also be time for some great tennis, food, and prizes for everyone to enjoy.


If you are interested in more information about what the USTA is really up to, or just want your personal questions answered, come on down to PRC (1 Kingswood Dr, Prescott, AZ).


Members from the USTA NAZ District will also be on hand to receive feedback on the future of NAZ tennis.  What would you like to see in the coming years.


This will be a fund event where everyone can learn something about the USA and it's programs, voice thoughts and opinions, and play some tennis!




Sedona Family Tournament Continues Long Tradition

SEDONA, AZ  (June 21, 2010)              The 37th Sedona Family Tournament was held June 18-20 at Sedona Racquet Club (SRC).  The event is one of the most unique tennis tournaments in the country, featuring 12 doubles categories in which every team is composed of some family relationship.  This year, 110 entries from 5 states competed in 12 events with players ranging in age from 6 years old to 71 years old.  The 2010 entries total represent a 30% increase from the 2009 entry total.


The Sedona Family Tournament started in 1973 when Sedona architect, Don Woods, assembled his family and other friends families together for a Father's Day celebration of tennis with events that allowed all family members to participate.  This year, 12 events were held including Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Husband-Wife, Grandparenrt-Grandchild and Brother-Sister among others.


Area team faired well even though most of the team were from out of town.  Keith and Dee Hunter of Sedona won the Husband-Wife 55 & over event, defeating Jack and DIana Keller of Phoenix, in the final 6-4;7-6 (4).  Donna Davis of Sedona and Billy Woods of Phoenix defeated Fred Enke Jr. and Denise Latimer 7-6;6-4 to win the Brother-Sister event.  Phil and Cassandra Kovac, both of Sedona won the Grandparent/Grandchild event, defeating Dean Corley of Palm Springs and Madelyn Corley of Phoenix 6-0;6-1.  Kirk Westervelt of Sedona and Katie Hundelt of Phoenix lost to Fred Enke Jr. and Diana Keller, both of Phoenix in the Mixed Relations final, 6-4;6-2.  Larry and Alex Lineberry both of Sedona, successfully defended their 2009 Father-Son title, defeating John and Adam Waltz of Phoenix 6-4;6-7(5) 10-7 in a hard fought final.  


Other final results are as follows:


Father-Daughter:  John and Mary Francis Byron of Phoenix def. Brian and Kelsey Rose of Chandler 4-6;7-5;10-6 


Mother- Daughter:  Lynn And Arianna Rose of Chandler def. Marie and Nicole Friedrichs, both of Mesa, 2-6;6-4 10-7


Parent-Child under 12:  Greg and Jarod Hing, both of Scottsdale def. Dean and Madelyn Corley  6-0;6-1


Brother- Brother:  Adam and Andrew Waltz, both of Phoenix def. Bob Woods of Cottonwood and Billy Woods 6-3;6-1


Sister-Sister:  Mary Francis and Courtney Byron, both of Phoenix, def. Kelsey and Arianna Rose   6-2;6-1


Husband-Wife:  Michael And Kirsten Ross, both of Phoenix def. Larry and Margie Friedrichs, both of Mesa 6-4;6-4


Mother-Son:  Doug and Margie Friedrichs def. Billie and Brian Hayes, both of Sierra Vista  6-2;6-1


"This is always our most fun tournament at SRC because all teams are related and there is no pressure to win at all costs," said SRC tournament director, Larry Lineberry.  "All of the families are glad to be together on Father's Day, enjoy their time with each other, and see old friends.  The tournament being played for 37 consecutive years has allowed participants to watch families grow up over that time period and form very close relationships with tennis as the common bond".


This event, as are all 2010 tennis events at Sedona Racquet Club, is sponsored by the following area businesses:


Kokopelli Suites in Sedona

Pur Solar, Inc. in Cottonwood

MentalEdgeTennis.com in Phoenix featuring,  Dr. John Deboer, Ph. D., USPTA  

Mulligan's Bar and Grille and Red Rock Barbeque in Sedona 


Larry Lineberry-USPTA Master Professional
Director of Tennis
Sedona Racquet Club